Disrupted [verb]

Definition of Disrupted:

upset, disorganize

Synonyms of Disrupted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disrupted:

Sentence/Example of Disrupted:

Even if left to its own devices it would speedily become disrupted by the warring elements within its bounds.

Fear caused many attacks and disrupted social and family ties.

The sun was shining brightly next day and it was at once evident that we were in a zone of tumbled and disrupted ice.

The old social structure had been disrupted in the civil convulsion, and the old political order likewise.

It is now a fact that the Union is disrupted, is dissolved, because certain of the States composing it have withdrawn.

Then Rogers was walking away, leaving Deveny to face the man who had disrupted his plans.

Was that an evil power which from without, by chance, disrupted our life?

Here they lived together six years before division disrupted them permanently.

There is really not much to hope for; the leave is so short, the home-life so disrupted that it cannot be taken up with content.

In a flash the company of indolent and cynical young men had vanished like a snowball disrupted by dynamite.