Disrupting [verb]

Definition of Disrupting:

upset, disorganize

Synonyms of Disrupting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disrupting:

Sentence/Example of Disrupting:

But a serious difficulty, which came near disrupting the brotherhood, arose over these very names.

The end of the eighteenth century was a period of disrupting empires and disillusioned expansionists.

The apostasy progressed rapidly, in consequence of a cooperation of disrupting forces without and within the Church.

He resented, too, the new element thrust into the Braley household, disrupting the familiar course of his love.

No agency may be more powerful in unifying or disrupting the life of the local community.

The Clipper carried a graphic write-up of the disrupting of the Potts procession.

The disrupting force of hard times was increased by the acts of the Republican party.

Is it inconceivable that there should be an undiscovered explosive capable of disrupting the globe?

In liquids the molecules may more or less freely roll over each other, thus altering the shape of the mass without disrupting it.

It was impossible to organize his thinking to combat the sensory shock waves disrupting his thoughts.