Disruptive [adjective]

Definition of Disruptive:

causing trouble, confusion

Synonyms of Disruptive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disruptive:

Sentence/Example of Disruptive:

In the past year since the directorate was launched, the NSA called out nation-state hackers, warned of new strains of disruptive malware and advised on how to patch or mitigate major vulnerabilities.

It might be a little less bright, but for all intents and purposes, it’s just as disruptive to astronomical observations—for potentially the entire night.

However, it could also be disruptive of the review economy in a very positive way.

The pandemic’s disruptive force has spurred transformational change in our organization, as well as in many others.

Covid-19, however, has been disruptive enough to shake them up, and companies are trying to take advantage.

Volcanic sulfur in the stratosphere can be disruptive, but in the grand scale of Earth’s history it’s tiny and temporary.

Despite the techno-utopianism though, many of the ideas in the report hold promise for building societies that are better adapted for the disruptive new age we are about to enter.

A flash of lightning is a disruptive electrical discharge upon a grand scale.

One cannot view with equanimity that which appears to be totally disruptive of one's dear little system of living.

By this difficult and dangerous process, the gunpowder is confined, and the disruptive effect produced.