Dissatisfied [adjective]

Definition of Dissatisfied:

discontented, unhappy

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissatisfied:

Sentence/Example of Dissatisfied:

Facebook’s aggressive “buy-or-bury” strategy, the state attorneys general added, ultimately meant that users who were “otherwise dissatisfied with the data usage and privacy options available on Facebook have nowhere else to go.”

If a prisoner is dissatisfied with the response, they can send their complaint to a statewide board that reviews grievance appeals called the Administrative Review Board.

The Lions were dissatisfied with Caldwell’s inability to beat the league’s better teams and advance in the playoffs.

Two, even when people get what they want, they’re dissatisfied because the thing is not set up to do what they’re asking it to do.

Brant wasn’t the only young voter we spoke with who was dissatisfied with his options, or politics more generally.

He had, in truth, a great deal to answer for, and enough to make a livelier man than he dissatisfied and wretched.

Plato, dissatisfied with the laws of his country, wrote out a code of morals and laws which he thought much better.

She knew that Gwynne, triumphant and happy as he was, had ridden away vaguely dissatisfied.

She felt herself strong to accept the trying task of making him happy,—he, a man dissatisfied with himself.

She seems angry with Gilbert's accounts, and dissatisfied with her poor balance.