Dissection [noun]

Definition of Dissection:

cutting up, particularly of a dead body

Synonyms of Dissection:

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Sentence/Example of Dissection:

The difference was that in Britain doctors were accused of using cholera as a ruse to perform dissections.

He went at his job with a handy adroitness which was almost scientific, it was so much like surgery, like dissection.

The attendance on the two courses of dissection could be evaded, and this was frequently done.

It was somewhat handicapped by the absence of human dissection.

There was a Papal bull, for instance, said to forbid dissection.

But the System is no substitute for dissection and experiment.

Why does the public abhor and obstruct the physician in his study of anatomy, dissection, and autopsy on the human body?

Respect for the bodies of the dead was a religious observance in all Greece, and prevented the dissection of the human body.

He did not limit himself to dissection of his own cases, but sought autopsies in the cases of others.

His body was conveyed to Surgeons Hali for dissection, and his children were placed in Cripplegate workhouse.