Dissembling [verb]

Definition of Dissembling:

disguise, pretend

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissembling:

Sentence/Example of Dissembling:

The tone is too earnest to permit the supposition that Edward was dissembling knowledge of the facts.

Deane tried to laugh but he was not good at dissembling and he was finding it hard to conceal his annoyance at the interruption.

He was naturally a connoisseur in such matters, and knew well and easily the truth or dissembling in them.

Dissembling then was Gudrun, against her heart she could speak, made herself gay appear, with two shields she played.

Sleep well, Egyptian, and pray to the gods to give you a more equal power of dissembling your feelings.

Sam'l, dissembling no longer, clattered up the common, becoming smaller and smaller to the on-lookers as he neared the top.

They asked me what I wanted; I answered, dissembling my designs, 'Let me see some ribbons.'

But what needs this dissembling, since you are resolved to quit my mistress to me?

He knew quite well that his partner was dissembling, but he scarcely saw to what end.

Timmy's just plain lousy when it comes to dissembling, you know, as if it was completely foreign to him to lie.