Disseminated [verb]

Definition of Disseminated:

distribute, scatter

Synonyms of Disseminated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disseminated:

Sentence/Example of Disseminated:

These disseminated them to the people, with proper commentaries, in dark hints and distant observations.

Quartz, containing disseminated hematitic iron-ore and copper pyrites.

She lived in her body; and her consciousness was all sunk into and disseminated through her members, where it luxuriously dwelt.

In this fibrous mass the seeds, which are nearly as large as those of a quince, are disseminated.

The work of the destructive critics has been widely disseminated in current literature.

This precaution was necessary, lest the secrets of the art be disseminated, to the disadvantage of the craft.

His songs have not been disseminated among the people, the most of them not having been published until quite lately.

At the various workshops the implements were made in great numbers and still more widely disseminated.

Maimonides adds another reason for their disappearance, namely, that they were not disseminated abroad.

By them, and their imitators, a style merely ornamental has been disseminated throughout all Europe.