Dissented [noun]

Definition of Dissented:

disagreement, disapproval

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissented:

Sentence/Example of Dissented:

So, we instituted something we call “farming for dissent,” where on these big decisions everybody has to write down in public in a shared document, how they feel about the idea and their judgment about it.

The law, aimed at silencing dissent, shattered the notion that Hong Kong’s legislature is independent from Beijing.

He said Ikhrata was trying to remove a voice of dissent on the SANDAG board.

Given Lukashenko’s control over the system — he won’t allow independent election observers — it remains unlikely that Tikhanovskaya will win outright, but the past couple of weeks have fueled the fire of a growing dissent.

Justice Alito filed a separate dissent, joined by Justice Thomas.

What justifies the disruption requires a dissent from the civil power, as a power not of God.

The first reading was carried without a division, the Duke of Richmond being the only peer who expressed dissent.

It requires more power and strength of mind and decision of character to dissent from the Church of the State than to support it.

For from these three Chapels came not only the impulse of the spiritual life of Llanyglo, but its local politics of dissent also.

He was re-nominated the next year without dissent or opposition, but declined a re-election on account of ill health.