Dissentient [adjective]

Definition of Dissentient:

bad, contradictory

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissentient:

Sentence/Example of Dissentient:

“I doubt them finding any such easy capture,” muttered the chief, with a dissentient head-shake.

One dissentient on the council could bar any proposal—on the lines of the old Polish liberum veto (chapter xxxvi, 7).

Not a dissentient word was heard-indeed, the man who should have dared to utter one would certainly not have escaped unpunished.

There was no dissentient voice in the verdict that she had greatly changed.

And upon return the thanks of the noble party were voted, viva voce, to Sir Patricius, without one dissentient no!

This was put to the assembled throng, and agreed to by all, when suddenly a single dissentient voice was heard.

As regards her physical attractions, however, no dissentient voice has ever been raised.

It passed easily without a dissentient voice, and no obstacle of any kind remained to delay his appearance.

John Loveday at once went up to her, and they began to talk in low yet dissentient tones.

A resolution was moved and carried, with only one dissentient, that you should be expelled from the school.