Dissonances [noun]

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Those messages highlighted the growing dissonance between reggaeton’s origins in poor, marginalized communities in Puerto Rico and Panama and the genre’s contemporary and increasingly global image.

There is some dissonance between the two heads fighting each other, but it’s the same animal.

Of course, we seem to be in the age of dissonance when it comes to marketing conferences as last year’s Advertising Week was held at the same time as the United Nation’s General Assembly on Climate Action.

Perhaps there’s just too much dissonance when I pair it with chicken, the bar too high to meet.

This will only make your user experience skyrocket and help negate dissonance from users.

To make the dissonance more striking, we place the passages in parallel columns.

It was a tumult of harsh voices; but to Fabri in his happiness their various dissonance made sweet harmony.

Clash of character being the starting point of drama we have it amplified in the international by both sympathy and dissonance.

Dissonance to a musical ear is not more horrid than want of harmony between characters to the soul of sensibility.

He could but hope there might be some way of reconciling the terrible dissonance between Nature and Barbara's God!