Distended [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Distended:

In two or three seconds she had become suggestive of an animal, her nostrils distended, the upper lip drawn back from her teeth.

The Countess Lavinia slowly turned her head and fixed her distended eyes on the speaker.

He thought her speech outrageous; his nostrils distended a little and his eyes darkened.

The stomach was much distended, and when I state this fact I am sure it will excite much curiosity as to the reason why.

By way of doing so, he set up a stout fence-rail between his landlord's distended jaws, and went away.

It must therefore have been spoken either before the minister distended his cheeks, or after he had exhausted them.

Its neck is ample and bloated, and when distended in excitement reminds one of a pouter-pigeon.

Once more Guapo's cheeks were distended—once more came the strong, quick puff—and away went the arrow.

The perspiration stood in beads on the man's forehead, and the veins were visibly distended.

In young fowls it becomes sometimes preternaturally distended, while the bird pines for want of nourishment.