Distillation [noun]

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The Waterloo researchers wanted to take the distillation process further.

The result is a perfect distillation of the ethos of The Flavor Equation, which comes out on October 27 and is featured in Eater’s fall 2020 cookbook preview.

The yield was increased by acidulating the mixture with sulphuric acid before the distillation.

By distillation a small quantity of oil was isolated, which possesses the characteristic odor of the preparation.

He has repeatedly obtained it from distillation from human pathological fluids.

From the tincture prepared with proof spirit, by distillation and evaporation.

Anthracene is one of the last products passing over in the dry distillation of coal-tar.

With the cost of a single distillation we have, at once, distillation and rectification, or a single expense for two results.

The crude Indian arrack, when subjected to distillation until it has a sp.

A volatile oleaginous substance obtained by distillation from draco-cephalum Moldavicum.