Distillery [noun]

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Earlier, the FDA had indicated that its hands might be tied when it comes to the waivers the distilleries are hoping for.

This will be the first year in over a decade we will end with fewer craft distilleries than we started with.

Alcohol “is what we make,” notes Tom Lix, who heads the whiskey distillery.

They had stopped at the distillery on their way, and were just enough under the influence of drink to be funny and reckless.

Ye'er boss sees ye're dhrinkin' a good deal an' be th' look iv things th' distillery business ought to improve.

He has a fortune in his own right, Miss Benedict, left him by his grandmother, and he invested it in Westlake's distillery.

After a short while her husband returned from the distillery with some brandy, and the men hurried down into the cellar.

The date of its erection was 1858 and there was also a distillery operated within the limits of the farm.

There were in 1911 fifteen flour mills, ten ironworks, three breweries, and one distillery.

A moment later a light appeared on the roof of the distillery.