Distinctive [adjective]

Definition of Distinctive:

different, unique

Synonyms of Distinctive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distinctive:

Sentence/Example of Distinctive:

What does matter is the philosophy that the Mach-E will be distinctive, not generic.

I wish schools were better at talking about what makes them distinctive.

Combined, those efforts made their businesses less distinctive over the years.

If we did not call it snowfall eve, it still seemed worthy of some distinctive designation.

Different colonies have distinctive dialects, often varying in frequency, as can be heard by comparing these soft chirps from two separate colonies.

If there’s one recipe I want from a chef right now, it’s this distinctive vegan soup from Jesse Miller, the former chef of the neighborly Bar Pilar on 14th Street NW in Washington.

I think it helped that I was well-qualified and could have something intelligent to say, but the fact that it came from somebody who looked different and who had, as you say, a distinctive name.

It also gives us a better sense of what each of these men, with their distinctive strengths, sought to accomplish, and how their ideas might have clashed even though they were united for a common goal.

Star Wars is known for having unique character designs, fashion and distinctive looks.

If the mystery giant nearly collides with Neptune and Neptune’s orbit stretches as it moves out, giving the band of KBOs their distinctive 10 percent incline.