Distinctness [noun]

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Dallas has a humid subtropical climate, and experiences four distinct seasons each year.

Each episode is a tidy 20-ish minutes, starring individuals with a distinct perspective on the birds’ plight, including an elder Northern Paiute of the Warm Springs Reservation, a rancher, and a biologist.

The entity is separate from law enforcement, even having its own distinct helpline for people to call.

Several recent studies have connected distinct differences in HLA genes to bad reactions to specific drugs.

Wall Street has been handicapping the odds for months, and Goldman Sachs, among others, still believes a so-called “blue sweep” is a distinct possibility, even if the odds are slipping.

“These risks are analytically distinct, but taken together, raise significant red flags that the complex will be less profitable than originally presented,” said Kathy Hipple, a financial analyst who co-authored the report.

The deep net’s two tasks could share only the input layer and then split into two distinct networks.

He does a lot of distinct things at a high level of mastery.

The feature that made it distinct from other life simulation games was that it gathered data from users as much as it was influenced from their direct input.

Adult flies have strongly developed the labium into two distinct sucking forms.