Distinguish [verb]

Definition of Distinguish:

tell the difference

Opposite/Antonyms of Distinguish:

Sentence/Example of Distinguish:

I mean, this shouldn’t surprise anyone, making the ads harder to distinguish has been a Google trend.

If searchers have a harder time distinguishing between the paid and free listings, it might cause confusion on what listing the searcher clicks on.

Science fiction has long been distinguished by these dual impulses—leaving home and returning—when it’s not marked by the way that home leaves us, or deceives us when it’s no longer the place we recognize once we’re back.

In Voice, Police Officer Kang Kwon-Joo has a heightened ability to distinguish sounds, allowing her to solve crime cases as a voice profiler.

Filter Link Extensions are another way to distinguish your ads in SERPs.

Our relationship with weight and diets is complex, and it can be tough to distinguish a healthy habit from an unhealthy one.

Now if Google had made it significantly easier to distinguish ads from the content you are actually looking for, that would’ve been something.

They could also distinguish more precisely at points between the benefits of sleeping and the benefits of dreaming per se.

The physical designs remained essentially the same, however, prompting speculation as to when Apple would introduce new case designs to further distinguish its new Macs from their older models.

The ordering is spaced out both to ease the burden on distributors and to help states distinguish between first and second doses, with priority given to the latter.