Distractions [noun]

Definition of Distractions:

having one's attention drawn away

Opposite/Antonyms of Distractions:

Sentence/Example of Distractions:

On the morrow of that fatal day Diard went back to his old companions and found distractions for his mind in play.

But little distractions, irregular duties, worries, uncertainties—Jouffroy shook his head ominously.

The cessation of Welsh distractions had greatly favoured the advancement of Shrewsbury.

Remember that I have not seen Rose since I was last in town, six months ago, and then only amid the distractions of a gay season.

Elvira had sat down, she was used to these distractions, and it was rather melancholy than fear that now oppressed her.

He preserved simplicity and gentleness amid all the distractions attending his government.

Why need I mention the levities and impertinences in comedies, or the ranting distractions of tragedy?

They led a life favorable to friendships, which cannot thrive amid the distractions of cities.

All this kept Frken Knudsgaard busy; and indeed her distractions increased as the days went on.

Such men have not the distractions and rewards of genius to take their minds off the fact of failure.