Distressful [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Distressful:

Hardly had he uttered these distressful exclamations when a prolonged note of melody caught his ear.

At the edge of a small field lying close to the road was a negro's cabin, and from that quarter came the dog's distressful outcry.

Half-way down the walk he paused, picked up a snail that had crawled out upon the distressful sand.

A cold dampness settled upon his forehead, his limbs trembled violently, and distressful sighs issued from his heaving breast.

Their distressful needs are in danger of being left aside in the pressure of other worthy appeals for aid.

"Oh, Polly—I never scarcely think of my fortune," Cynthia interrupted, her face full of distressful color.

At this he seized my coat, grovelled upon my desk, and burst again into distressful weeping.

Irene turned her pale, distressful face upon the merciless woman.

In Bonaventure a look of distressful self-justification quickly changed to one of anxious compassion.

Britz recognized the futility of trying to obtain further admissions from a woman in her distressful state of mind.