Distributing [verb]

Definition of Distributing:

allocate, deliver, spread

Synonyms of Distributing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distributing:

Sentence/Example of Distributing:

In addition, manufacturing and distributing this vaccine is a monumental logistical and security challenge.

They are poised to distribute the first doses of vaccine within hours of a regulatory decision.

The state’s health department plans to work with licensed vaccine providers to distribute coronavirus vaccines, including pharmacy chains such as Walgreens or grocery store outlets like Food City.

Obtaining that permission would allow Pfizer to distribute its vaccine to high-risk populations, like healthcare workers.

That year, the joint congressional committee released tickets in early January to members of the House of Representatives, who distributed them to their constituents.

Allow your weight to be more heavily distributed on your front leg.

At this point, the vaccines have to be stored somewhere until they get distributed—millions of doses don’t go straight from the factory to the doctor’s office overnight.

He added, though, that it remains to be seen whether the trend will continue once a vaccine becomes widely distributed and cities are able to open back up.

The bets give Berkshire more exposure to pharmaceutical companies as officials prepare to ramp up efforts to distribute a Covid-19 vaccine whenever one is approved.

In my view, these efforts are just as important as efforts to develop, manufacture, and distribute new vaccines.