Disturbingly [adverb]

Definition of Disturbingly:


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Sentence/Example of Disturbingly:

Margaret, her eyes carefully away from him, laughed softly—a disturbingly noncommittal laugh.

What she saw of the newcomer was quite startlingly, disturbingly attractive to her.

There was something disturbingly warm and honest in Garry's eyes.

Puzzled, vaguely alarmed, a hundred questions came pouring into her brain and lingered there disturbingly.

For another, money was becoming disturbingly scarce, and the time was already past for selling securities.

The slight doubt cast by Septimus on Zora's faith remained disturbingly at the back of his mind.

Behind the simulated cheer of his greeting there was something else which Old Jerry found disturbingly new and hard to place.

There was something so disturbingly serious about the Swedish girl, who was spending a year in Mayfield with her parents.

Disturbingly upon these thoughts appeared the face of Otway, the little beads of perspiration about his nose.

Even at a distance the Terrans looked disturbingly alike, and when they got closer I could see that they were identical twins.