Ditching [verb]

Definition of Ditching:

get rid of

Synonyms of Ditching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ditching:

Sentence/Example of Ditching:

What does a poor man do, who goes out hedging and ditching with a dead child lying in his house?

A man who has been a Fleet parson is like one who has passed a morning in hedging and ditching.

But even 10 acres is a big field, quite big enough to repay the cost of hedging and ditching.

A wagon passed, and then a tax-cart, and afterward two old men going ditching.

Accordingly he went to plowing, ditching, and blowing rocks and built a new stone bridge over a stream.

Hill then interested himself in practical ways of ditching and tiling.

Every person, white or red, who could give instruction in ditching and planting, was employed each hour of the day.

All other ditching was done by a railroad plow followed by pick and shovel, or by the two latter tools only.

Perhaps the June rise catches him, and there is a heavy expense in ditching and damming to save the Rottenbottom crop.

Then Halsey lost connection with the fleeing car, and after that Molo changed his mind about ditching the girls.