Dithering [adjective]

Definition of Dithering:

not sure, not definite

Opposite/Antonyms of Dithering:

Sentence/Example of Dithering:

Presently he came running out of the scullery, with the soapy water dripping from him, dithering with cold.

Another fellow walking in his sleep and killing criss-cross Huns in his dithering dreams.

I was beginning to correct my first impression that Thrombley was a complete dithering fool.

He nodded to his dithering worship, and marched back slowly and calmly to his dinner.

Tom stood watching the ambulance whisk Murell off, dithering in indecision.

But it is a fact that, under certain circumstances, Thomas in bulk can be worked up into dithering, rippling hysteria.

His voice caught in a tight knot of strangulation; he was dithering and palsied.

"I'm all dithering," panted Hattie, as Winnie pushed her forward to try first.

And the white-livered accomplice is dithering with funk in there.

A man will no' keep on dithering for what he kens he canna' get.