Ditty [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ditty:

He often composes ditties to play at the farewell parties of staff members.

Mea, however, fought passionately for her friend and never gave way till Kurt had promised not to go on with his ditty.

The musicians played energetically, switching now from the hymn to their unofficial little ditty.

None other than that sweet sentimental ditty, "Be kind to the loved ones at home."

We almost felt like having that bright little ditty 'In Dixie's Land' served up to us, we all felt so jubilant.

The knife daily pierces the neck of the swine, and the kitchen wench wrings off the head of the fowl while she hums a ditty.

A cheery voice rolling out the chorus of an old west-country ditty.

Song heartens us when weary and helps the miles to slip past even though the ditty be but "Tipperary" or "John Brown's body."

The table was set for tea, and Betsy Ann was scouring knives in the kitchen, humming some doleful ditty at her work.

Luka, as he worked, sang a lugubrious native ditty, while with his knife he trimmed the skins into shape.