Divan [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Divan:

Howard moved unsteadily to the divan in his Capitol Hill home and stared at the fire burning in the grate.

Sir Lucien threw himself nonchalantly upon the divan, and took out his cigarette-case.

On a shelf above the divan, however, were many books, and Gwynne ran his eye over them.

Monte Irvin, very pale and haggard, sat upon the divan beside Quentin Gray.

The present Great Mogul has so little taste, that he has had this divan divided into two parts by a very paltry partition wall.

The rich old piano and Maud's guitar occupied one corner, and a low, velvet divan the other, on each side of the mantel.

The stranger flung himself upon the divan, and words flew fast.

Morgiana said not a word; without a groan she arose, and sat on the divan, looking upon him tearlessly.

From this saloon open the two or three rooms of the house—the kitchen, the divan, and the principal bedroom.

The lady sat upon the soft divan listlessly, hardly so much as rustling her dress.