Divas [noun]

Definition of Divas:

prima donna

Synonyms of Divas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Divas:


Sentence/Example of Divas:

She had worked as a beautician since high school, first at flagship boutiques in the city and later for the disco diva Carol Douglas and on the sets of Spike Lee films.

He kept getting traded, his numbers weren’t all too flashy, he seemed like a diva … funny how winning can change all of that.

At this lively club, drag queen divas perform on a nightly basis.

From a distance came the divine notes of the diva uplifted in some passionate love song.

When a diva who looks like a hippo surprises us by singing like a canary—that is something remarkable.

Her delivery of 'Casta Diva' is a transcendent effort of vocalization.

To me her scales and exercises sounded more entrancing than any diva's rendering of masterpieces, I think.

We went to the new diva, who did not await our coming, but stepped towards us, with both hands extended.

I had better tell the story in the Diva's own words, as given to the reporter of the Philadelphia Press.

The next evening I had to change the performance, la Diva having contracted a sore throat during the journey.