Diverging [verb]

Definition of Diverging:

go in different directions

Synonyms of Diverging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diverging:

Sentence/Example of Diverging:

The diverging paths along which they pursued it had brought them to this common point.

A watery sunset, diverging rays of light, either direct from the sun or from behind a cloud, is indicative of rain.

Two flocks of geese are swimming on the water, producing diverging ripples.

It was then evident that we must continue up the Shyok valley and watch for an opportunity of diverging eastwards.

They seem to issue from these tubercles, as little diverging streams from the rose of a watering-pot.

The stri diverging outwards from the apices of the cones must be carefully distinguished from the stri of the cones themselves.

The ligament is external, the hinge has usually three diverging teeth in each valve, and the pallial line is sinuated.

In the Bat's hand the membrane for flight is extended chiefly by four diverging metacarpal bones.

Leaflets ovate or oblong, glandular, with diverging serratures.

There were three diverging roads leading out and down from it.