Diversely [adverb]

Definition of Diversely:

in another way; alternatively

Synonyms of Diversely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diversely:


Sentence/Example of Diversely:

We have a very wide and diverse revenue stream, which is a giant blessing to us.

We want to do things in the interest of our clients, and that means unlocking talent from diverse areas.

We must also build diverse coalitions to support the community.

Other questions relate to who might benefit from the drug, and who might not, and a diverse study population could help address that.

In her continuing work in partnership with ProPublica, Parker plans to focus on challenges facing the diverse rural communities that make up the Mid-South Illinois region she calls home.

They’re representative of a diverse city, with more hires to come.

When I recently asked a dozen particle physicists what a particle is, they gave remarkably diverse descriptions.

That means there’s suddenly a diverse offering of near instant choices.

As more diverse women run for and enter office, they can further shift our limited perception of political leadership.

He’s an instant national star if he pulls off the upset, as the GOP has been trying to build a more diverse coalition.