Diversification [noun]

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So we were paying close attention to our own diversification goals.

Kayleigh joined Digiday as a media reporter in 2019 and has covered revenue diversification within the digital media industry, including shifts into e-commerce, licensing, virtual events, membership and more.

Others are telling clients the need for diversification, pushing them to spend more on other platforms.

The much-criticized universal bank model is demonstrating what Dimon always claimed was a big plus, that it offers broad diversification by uniting businesses that rise and fall at different times.

She agreed that diversification will be paramount for restaurants.

While nearly 40% mentioned the need to control pandemic or government support, some 30% of respondents said “economic diversification,” while 29% said “double down on oil.”

In terms of diversification and more investment opportunities, I am happy to see a growing number of issuers.

The growing diversification of traffic because of its financial importance merits more concrete illustration.

Facts daily presented to our observation afford equally simple reasons for the almost infinite diversification of language.

None are excluded from achieving that diversification of pursuit among the people which brings wealth and contentment.