Diversified [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Diversified:

Plus, bringing in diversified voices, whether it’s in product development, marketing or outreach helps eliminate blindspots when it comes to building inclusive business relationships with clients and customers.

Consumers do not come from the same backgrounds, especially in the highly diversified markets where most reside today.

Today, Cleveland has succeeded in developing a more diversified economy and has gained a national reputation as a center for healthcare and the arts.

Media owners with diversified revenue lines were best-positioned to weather the coronavirus crisis as it continued into the summer.

If you must build a link profile, then have some diversified anchor texts.

The combination of these five regions suggests a one-word description of Virginia's topography, namely, diversified.

The site which it occupied is now a public garden, diversified with shrubbery and flowers.

With his field-glass, Thurstane examined one after another of the mesas and buttes which diversified this enormous depression.

The open country was finely diversified, with abundance of wood and water all around, within easy distance of the route.

Two lines of rails, a waggon shed, and a few telegraph posts, alone diversified the outlook.