Diverted [adjective]

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The group, Comice, wants to build a series of pump stations and treatment plants to divert water from further east, to a purification plant south of the city.

They aren’t diverting the big bucks from one of those bowls to a second upstart anytime soon.

Ware expertly scatters red herrings, so that even the most alert reader becomes diverted into false deductions and dead ends.

Northbound traffic is diverting off the interstate at exit 247.

Postal leaders have mobilized extra resources, as mandated by multiple federal court orders, and diverted resources from non-election first-class mail processing to handle the influx of ballots.

When asked if he was open to diverting some of the sheriff’s budget to other services, Vaus scoffed.

Over the course of the coming months, they conducted surveillance of Whitmer’s vacation home, collected supplies and planned detailed logistics for the kidnapping plot, including the idea of blowing up a nearby bridge to divert police attention.

Republicans have spent years amassing billions of dollars in a savings account that Democrats have argued should be diverted, in part, to critical problems like housing and homelessness.

Normally, the ice sheet would act like a fence, diverting winds and their water vapor southward as they entered North America.

In addition to telescopes to chart potentially hazardous asteroids, we can visit and, theoretically, divert an asteroid’s course before it reaches us.