Diverting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Diverting:

It combats ennui, lassitude, and intolerable vacuity, soothing the nerves and diverting attention from self.

The convention as a spectacle was immensely diverting, but she had her misgivings about it as a transaction in history.

This Way of travelling is very commodious and diverting, and so swift, that an Arrow from a Cross-bow does not fly faster.

But although he never stirred out of the cradle, Gilly of the Goatskin had ways of diverting himself.

Humour she really possessed; and when she chose it, she could be diverting to those who like buffoonery in women.

The streets were illuminated, and the population were diverting themselves more than ever in letting off fireworks.

But that was quite incidental in the humorous run of his talk, diverting to hear while it lasted.

His physiognomy, his manner of speech, this movement, his mental attitude toward events—all these were distinctly diverting.

It is taking the money of the people out of the control of the profit system, and diverting it into channels of public service.

For while he can be as diverting as the greatest glutton for mirth desires, he has all the machinery of dejection too.