Divination [noun]

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As I look into the bottom of my glass, darkly, I realize my powers of divination are limited.

For there shall be no more any vain visions, nor doubtful divination in the midst of the children of Israel.

I have mentioned them in speaking of Calchas, and of the contest between Calchas and Mopsus respecting their skill in divination.

According to the fable, the contest did not relate to skill in divination only, but also to sovereignty.

In Peru, for example, they were divided into classes, who made the various means of divination specialties.

Oneiromancy, divination by dreams, is still credited by old women of both sexes.

Hydromancy, divination by water, in which the diviner showed the figure of an absent person.

Onychomancy, or Onymancy, divination by means of the nails of an unpolluted boy.

It could not have been a divination, therefore it must have been some obscure phenomenon of memory.

I fear I made the mistake of underestimating his skill in divination.