Diviner [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Diviner:

There is a diviner impulse than either at the doing of any actions that are much worth doing.

The superior man (the reasonable man) is better, has a diviner soul, and clearer sensations.

Hydromancy, divination by water, in which the diviner showed the figure of an absent person.

Everything beautiful turned his face to the more beautiful, more precious, diviner Barbara.

And as the divine nature is roused, the diviner nature, the immediate God, enters to possess it.

An application was at once determined on to her, and Stead was employed to broach the subject to the diviner.

How could peoples still nursed in the belief of some diviner will ruling men's minds resist such an attack?

They that are trained in cities wisely yearn to breathe the country air, and in its diviner meaning, interpret the landscape.

They seemed to flow, too, from a diviner inspiration; were of a wider, calmer and more generous scope.

Which of us that is not more akin to Burns in his fleshly frailties then in his diviner spirit?