Divisions [noun]

Definition of Divisions:

separation, disconnection

Opposite/Antonyms of Divisions:

Sentence/Example of Divisions:

Birdie has fairly taken the fighting edge off Liman von Sanders' two new Divisions: he has knocked them to bits.

For this purpose he obtained permission to hold a big camp of instruction, where all the divisions of his corps were massed.

These divisions represent, respectively: "Foundation," "wood wind," "string" and "brass."

Three days ago we asked the War Office to let us know the merits of the three new Divisions.

Meantime this fatal administrative weakness was greatly counterbalanced by the political divisions among the Scots.

Next, he fully explained to me the importance of the Bulair Lines and urged me to throw the new Divisions against them.

In geology there are half a dozen divisions relating to particular branches of that subject.

All the divisions could thus be promptly massed on the English whether they should select the higher or the lower line of advance.

The new Divisions will find the Mudros littoral on arrival better prepared for their reception than it was a month ago.

The internal divisions, too, aggravate our weakness; and now, even Most has turned apostate.