Divulged [verb]

Definition of Divulged:

make known; confess

Synonyms of Divulged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Divulged:

Sentence/Example of Divulged:

Without pausing he flung open a door that divulged a shop, with a bench and tools.

Nevertheless, schoolboy honour stood firm, and the name of the culprit was not divulged.

This despatch is confidential, and the direction of the route is, on no account, to be divulged.

And one of these fanatics was the turtle-egg seller, with special hopes in mind which for the present cannot be divulged.

For those purposes a treasonable book against the King's right to the Crown was 'divulged.'

Thus was the secret in regard to electric power unconsciously divulged some twenty years ago.

This private and secret marriage was never openly divulged during the life of the King, although generally surmised.

"Your hand, young man," said Boone, with an earnestness which convinced Glenn that his tale was not imprudently divulged.

Had he in truth wished to keep his proceedings secret from Lady Mason he would not have divulged them to his wife.

Yet synchronous with this the man of ideas and ideals that he kept to himself however; that he divulged to no one.