Dizzy [adjective]

Definition of Dizzy:

light-headed, confused

Synonyms of Dizzy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dizzy:

Sentence/Example of Dizzy:

The velocity with which these creators deliver cultural references could make you dizzy, the jokes-per-minute rate approaches double digits and tart social commentary abounds.

Being able to toggle off features, especially if someone begins to feel dizzy or confused, can prevent a seizure.

A dizzy spell that prevented me from covering an NFL playoff game in January.

When I finally crested the ridge, my breath was coarse, and my head felt dizzy.

By the second week, which she describes as “the scariest and hardest on my body,” her chest was burning and she was dizzy.

Indeed, to turn over his concertos, and see how he has fingered them alone, is enough to make you dizzy.

Again, he may grow faint and dizzy when he has climbed only a part of the way, or he may lose his hold from very weakness.

She began to feel less dizzy, and having paused for a moment on the landing, she succeeded in getting her coat on.

It was on a bare rock, surrounded by deep sea, that the streets of Tyre were piled up to a dizzy height.

They mounted through darkened chambers, up dizzy ladders, to the summit of the donjon.