Docking [verb]

Definition of Docking:

land on the waterfront

Synonyms of Docking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Docking:

Sentence/Example of Docking:

In Georgia this past month, citizens gave chase to trucks and staked out loading docks looking for suspicious boxes that surely contained fraudulent absentee ballots.

I quickly hauled on the net line, pulled it to the dock with all my strength, and dumped its contents onto the boards.

Not every year is a great one off our dock, but they occur frequently enough that I've tapped some of the best shrimp cast-netters in the area to learn some of their tricks.

It can be done from anchored boats, but docks and jetties where the tide flows near deep water can offer great results.

I decided to join in the fun by hauling out an 8-foot cast net from my boat that was hovering on a dock lift.

The same happens with the dock at the bottom of the display, and apps will appear on the same screen you used to launch them.

The others of the staff were already out in the docking lock in the rim, waiting to greet the replacements from the ferry.

There would seem to have been no serious difficulty in docking the vessel and landing the passengers.

The captain was quite sure Winter Island had grown larger—perhaps it had, by docking out.

For the Japanese are much given to docking their phrases, a custom the Germans might do well to adopt.