Doctrinaire [adjective]

Definition of Doctrinaire:

dogmatic, opinionated

Synonyms of Doctrinaire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Doctrinaire:

Sentence/Example of Doctrinaire:

To these, as a "forward" party, the doctrinaire theorists have allied themselves.

If his mind did not naturally work that way he would not be a Doctrinaire.

The Doctrinaire can never realize the fatal nature of the "too-much."

None the less, all attempts to win the working men from the doctrinaire Socialists failed.

The strength of the new party was frittered away in doctrinaire factional strife between the single taxers and the socialists.

He belonged to the doctrinaire party, and was several times in office under Louis-Philippe.

It is now admitted that the Socialists have been mere voting machines and doctrinaire opportunists.

Gregg's point of view is that of a sympathizer with the Missouri backwoodsman; Maximilian's is that of the doctrinaire.

They were revolutionary Marxists—doctrinaire to the bone—saturated with the dialectic.

There was nothing of the blue-stocking or the doctrinaire about her.