Doctrines [noun]

Definition of Doctrines:

opinion; principle

Opposite/Antonyms of Doctrines:

Sentence/Example of Doctrines:

Among the middle class there was a strong party which had accepted the doctrines of the French Revolution.

To escape from these horrible theories, the Christians (some of them) have thrown over the doctrines of Hell and the Devil.

The doctrines of free trade are of very recent growth; the data on which its laws are founded are few, and also uncertain.

He consequently became as hostile to the doctrines of the Church as he was to the institutions of the state.

Being distinctly revealed, like all other doctrines of God's word, they should enter into a testimony for the truth.

All these gross absurdities show, that the real spirit has nothing whatever to do with such absurd doctrines or productions.

The doctrines of the Christian faith then are not the gradual growth of centuries, as the infidel would make us believe.

The gospel stands alone in its doctrines, singular in its operation, unequalled in its success.

It demonstrates the non-apostolicity of certain Romish doctrines, the beginning of which can be here detected.

The incidents that exemplified the leading doctrines of the faith, says Kugler, were chosen in preference to others.