Documented [verb]

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Then, you can share your document to the cloud to save it digitally.

It is, the families say, also withholding documents that Boeing never even shared with Ethiopian investigators.

Like a Google document, many people can work on the same document while being in different locations.

He ordered San Diego County to search its death databases and turn over information necessary to access relevant documents.

Again, this is a bit of the document that looks very bad for Facebook.

Late Tuesday, O’Keefe claimed to have recordings of agents questioning Hopkins and said that he was pressured to sign a document he did not understand.

Everett DeLano, who represents Save Our Access, said Monday that they’re waiting on the city to produce documents but made no further comment.

It led to a rise in document falsification on package delivery, a problem that’s plagued the mail service for years, according to Inspector General reports.

The document was released before an advisory committee meeting Friday during which outside experts will decide whether to recommend the agency approve the drug.

That does not always need to be lengthy investigations, public records fights over hundreds of pages of documents or novel data analysis.