Doer [noun]

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Kellee Edwards, a force in the travel world, celebrates other doers in Travel and Leisure’s “Let’s Go Together.”

Too often, women see little reward or advancement for being the doers in their organizations.

It stratifies organizations into thinkers versus doers—executives versus employees—and in so doing, squanders vast quantities of human initiative.

This statement does not cover suffering caused to the wrong-doer by natural acts of mine which do not proceed from ill-will.

It may not, therefore, hurt the person of any wrong-doer, or bear any ill-will to him and so cause him mental suffering.

Ahimsa requires deliberate self-suffering, not a deliberate injuring of the supposed wrong-doer.

I must apply the same rules to the wrong-doer who is my enemy or a stranger to me, as I would to my wrong-doing father or son.

If an injury was done to either, the Commune obtained or itself enforced justice against the wrong-doer.

Whatever it might be that the majority in the house wished to have done, he was anxious to be the doer of it.

Why would you have me Sit down with a disgrace, and thank the doer?