Dogged [adjective]

Definition of Dogged:

determined, persistent

Opposite/Antonyms of Dogged:

Sentence/Example of Dogged:

A dogged but difficult reporter, he pushed deadlines, endlessly reworked his stories and wrote opinion pieces that, some of his bosses said, sullied the newspaper’s reputation for dispassionate journalism.

"It's dogged as does it," is not only the maxim of agricultural labourers in remote country districts.

Wallace, the last centre of opposition, was a fugitive, dogged by emissaries of the English King.

Fortunately for him his dogged character and his fighting record attracted the First Consul's attention.

He trudged across burning lava on which his feet left their imprint; he had the appearance of a desperately dogged traveller.

For a sort of dogged determination to go through with it all, at any cost, braced her to her final effort.

Now his voice became almost dogged, though it lost nothing of its power.

He was a rough-looking fellow with a shock head of black hair, and a very dogged look.

He was dogged and unmoved to the last, and then Avonley hauled him into the presence of Dr Rowlands.

The boy heard it just as he was going out of the room, and it annoyed him, and called to arms all his proud and dogged obstinacy.