Doggerel [noun]

Definition of Doggerel:

expressive, rhythmic literary work

Synonyms of Doggerel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Doggerel:


Sentence/Example of Doggerel:

Some scornful commentator has called this doggerel; but I would that all doggerel were as interesting.

The old words which Burns's songs superseded were wretched doggerel; not such were the ancient Greek heroic lays.

On the left wall, as one faces the choir, is a curious doggerel inscription to one Busbie.

He seems to have spent the greater part of his useless life in composing doggerel verses which he addressed to his sisters.

The Atlantic cable was a theme of inspiration for innumerable sermons and a prodigious quantity of doggerel.

I leave him a bit of Latin composition, and what do I find but an endless doggerel ballad on What's his name?

I send you some doggerel lines, the crude fruit of a lonely walk last evening when the words of one of our martyrs occurred to me.

The meeting opened with the singing of a popular hymn which carried a refrain catchy enough but running to doggerel.

And Lieutenant Tempest began singing an impromptu doggerel, which the sailors thought the most perfect poetry ever written.

The doggerel verse into which the German text is translated, is about equal in artistic excellence to the painting.