Doggoned [interjection]

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Sentence/Example of Doggoned:

There was a good deal in being settled and having "the whole doggoned business" off your hands.

Let the doggoned old folk t'other side of the world think out their own flustrations.

If it was anybody else I'd say it was crazy, but you're such a doggoned hellion of a go-getter mebbe you can put it over.

He's so doggoned quick he'd have caught me, if it hadn't been for that blessed gleam in his eyes.

And he's goin' to find out right now that it ain't no use to bring any doggoned teacher up here to teach this outfit.

"Doggoned if somebody else hain't been drawin' a bead on trees," he said, looking into Si's startled face.

They swarmed up the stairs an' crowded the elevators, while that doggoned Tex sicked 'em on me.

Doggoned thirsty bunch out here—won't stir a foot till they sample that wine!

Burnt out half her doggoned colony tryin' to git a whack at you boys!

He further inquired "what they wanted to hev sech a doggoned mis'able word as thet on a ring fur?"