Doggy [adjective]

Definition of Doggy:

well-groomed, neat

Synonyms of Doggy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Doggy:

Sentence/Example of Doggy:

“We hit the doggy jackpot and it has made our family so much happier and healthier,” said Lobaugh.

So he leases this small house, and he starts putting dogs in there, doggy daycare kind of stuff.

Doggy men are freemasons, and I soon opened the conversation by speaking of the pretty fawn.

In spite of its rounded head and mild doggy face, the fisher belongs to those killers, the weasels.

"Nice doggy," the man said, his fingers scratching under the edge of the carapace where it joined the flesh.

The Italians look curiously rabbity in the grey-green uniform: just as our sand-colored khaki men look doggy.

Yet he had only guarded his master's hut, and his doggy brain resented the injustice.

But the worm turned out to be a venomous snake, and so poor doggy played no more.

So he finally quieted down, like a wise doggy, deciding there were too many foxes in Foxville to fight at one time.

The neighbor's dog dashed out to greet him, exuding the great-grandfather of all doggy odors.