Dogmatist [noun]

Definition of Dogmatist:

person who is narrow-minded

Synonyms of Dogmatist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dogmatist:

Sentence/Example of Dogmatist:

To the modern dogmatist, these positions seem sceptical and pernicious.

Nay, I am no cold-blooded theorist, no thick-hided dogmatist; nor am I a chastely simple young man mooning in virginal innocence.

He is often a dogmatist, but this fault is not peculiar to him, he shares it with the rest of mankind.

You have a perfect right to do so; but in that case you are the dogmatist.

And the last great dogmatist, Leibniz, was the one who practised this method of uncritical assumption to the utmost extent.

The crabbedest dogmatist cannot escape; for, if he open his eyes to seek his meet, some sunshine will creep in.

The dogmatist with his wisdom of the ages drops in the by-going one of his commonplaces of theological thought.

He despised reason as heartily as any Papal dogmatist could despise it.

And here, very properly, the sceptic steps in and riddles the ad hoc metaphysic of the dogmatist with unanswerable objections.

And thus it does not confound the dogmatist, when guided by it he seeks a sure foundation for it.