Dogtrot [verb]

Definition of Dogtrot:

run for recreation

Synonyms of Dogtrot:








Opposite/Antonyms of Dogtrot:

Sentence/Example of Dogtrot:

To conserve his strength and wind he kept his pace to a dogtrot.

On the first alarm, the chief of police, accompanied by a good half of the day force, came at a dogtrot.

Kazu slowed down, and then finding no directions or advice forthcoming, he resumed a steady dogtrot to the north.

Once more they resumed their journey lakewards, breaking into the inevitable dogtrot as the long, dark pier came in sight.

John continued on a dogtrot towards home, and a moment later was pestering Mrs. Fletcher at her work in the kitchen.

(Fannie was evidently referring to the breezeway or dogtrot, down the middle of many small plantation houses).

They followed at a little dogtrot, carrying their loads easily.

Brown saluted the second time, and started off at a dogtrot.

And away they hurried, most of them at a dogtrot, to wash themselves in the river.