Doleful [adjective]

Definition of Doleful:


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Sentence/Example of Doleful:

But the business of most of them that fared this way whose faring has been preserved was of a very doleful character.

When his disciple had finished the solemn and doleful phrase, he smiled while looking round.

Some of the animals suffered so with thirst that they could not graze, and uttered doleful whinneys of distress.

Perhaps it was this doleful, ominous sound more than anything else that somehow took the enthusiasm out of them.

And no wonder, for of all the doleful too-tooings ever uttered by wind instrument, this was the dolefullest.

He could not think how the summer days had slipped away, and grew doleful as he remembered how few of them now remained.

Bosja felt it, and believing himself seriously wounded, uttered a doleful howl.

Bruno could make nothing whatever of it, so he found relief in doleful howls.

Nigel had soon enough of the doleful tales which the book contains, and attempted one or two other modes of killing the evening.

In many an Englishman's ears sound only the doleful croakings of the prophets, the sinister rumblings of approaching doom.