Domains [noun]

Definition of Domains:

area of expertise, rule

Synonyms of Domains:

Opposite/Antonyms of Domains:

Sentence/Example of Domains:

To whatever extent the grants of royal domains were revoked, those burdens would be lightened.

Further still, all our dearest interests lie beyond the domains of physical science, in the regions of faith.

During my absence, my neighbors would descend upon my domains like a flock of vultures.

The Count wages war against me to re-enter upon domains that once belonged to his family.

Some districts belonged to the Imperial Domains, and were administered by agents of the emperor.

He describes their origin, their domains, their power; but none of them resembles the one which haunts me.

They constructed roads extending from end to end of their domains.

And not only did she achieve triumphs in war's domains; she was equally victorious as a promoter of peace.

In these domains the discussion within the scientific and philosophic folds is still going on.

Until your departure you shall be made as comfortable as possible, and you shall not leave my domains empty-handed.