Domestic [adjective]

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She steps out onto the floor, and in a little gesture of domestic intimacy, takes the flower from her lapel and pins it to him.

The travel industry strongly opposes any domestic testing requirement.

McDonald and his colleagues tested these new interventions on 355 domestic cats in 219 households in England’s southwest.

The genomes of early cases in New Orleans closely resembled those found in a number of other states, and so it’s likely that the outbreak was seeded by domestic, not international, travel.

Even if you’re traveling domestic, schedule a test before and after your arrival.

Instead, we have to be open to the possibility that the people of Çatalhöyük divided their social world up using other categories, like young and old, farmer and toolmaker, wild and domestic, or human and nonhuman animal.

With the federal government sounding some of its strongest alarms yet about the threat of domestic extremism, these groups say they offer a way forward.

A poll last year showed 41 percent of Republicans thought QAnon was good for the country, despite it being regarded by the FBI as a domestic terrorism threat.

In Bradbury-Jones’ interviews with domestic abuse survivors, she has heard repeatedly that the easing of quarantine restrictions fills them with a very real unease.

The author reflects on everything from her relationship with her body image to the domestic assault she experienced as a child, and then years later as a wife.